Nutrient timing


Nutrient timing

Nutrient Timing has an influence on:

The human body is made to lose fat or gain fat just the same as it’s designed to lose and gain muscle at certain times of the day. Choosing the wrong time to eat food can go contrary to the efforts you put in when you are at the gym.

With nutrient timing, you can define your body composition, alter your hormonal profile and increase your metabolism.


Insulin is used to regulate the entry of nutrients into the cells of muscles. Making you insulin sensitive and then it elevates after you’ve consumed carbohydrates.

Use of Carbohydrates

When you ingest carbs that have higher fiber content then they do sugar content, like vegetables, legumes and beans, they are absorbed at a slower rate helping you to control your body’s insulin response.

Refined carbs and added sugars that both enter your body quickly can increase the levels of triglyceride in the blood and bad cholesterol. This leads to insulin resistance.

We can develop and establish the metabolic environment we want through the food and supplements we intake.

Carb Timing and Tolerance

Your body is designed to handle and process carbs better after or during physical activity. It can also do this when the body has lower levels of body fat and you are participating in more types of physical activity.

Higher carbs are suited to:

Lower-carb diets are better suited to:

When you should eat carbs:

Kinds of Carbs

Refined and Processed Sugar-Rich Carbs

Most refined carbs are nothing but empty calories that have no real nutritional value at all. When you eat them immediately after you’ve worked out, they could help speed up recovery and give you a burst of energy. You could consider using refined and carbs with refined sugars by consuming nutrition bars, figs, raisins, dates and similar ingredients and food. 

Starch-Rich Carbs

Dense carb sources include cereals, sprouted grain pastas, oats, potatoes, sprouted grain breads, Quinoa and others like these. They have lower nutritional content compared to carbs rich in fiber. You are best eating these kinds of carbs after you’ve finished exercising. That is because your muscles work like a huge sponge and make efficient use of the carbs.

Carbs Rich in Fibers

Carbs rich in fibers include the likes of legumes, fruits and vegetables. These kinds of foods are slowly absorbed because they have higher fiber levels and help to control hunger and blood sugar better. They are also rich in nutritional value and can help to promote better health. It is wise to have these foods right at the foundation of your food pyramid. You can eat them just at any time of the day with no negative effects.


Maintain a steady intake of protein over the course of the day, by spreading out your daily protein options evenly across the meals you plan on eating

Protein is vital for building muscles, helping you feel full and recovery. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of eating well-balanced out meals.


Fats are vital for your cells to function properly and has a crucial role in the body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins. Fat also helps you to remain satiated, and therefore we always crave foods high in fat when we are feeling exceptionally hungry.

Fat also slows down food digestion to make you feel fuller for even longer. Have a regular and consistent intake of healthy fat over the day to control hunger.

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